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Mitsubishi EDM Parts

  • Mitsubishi MV EDM Packing A X055C971G51 DEB6700 X055C985G51 X058D380H01 X058D380H05
    $  0.00 $  112.9

    X055C971G51 DEB6700 EDM Mitsubishi Packing A (ASSEMBLED)  X058D685H01 D328000 EDM Mitsubishi Packing B seal plate  Original Code : X055C971G51 DEB6700Machine Model:DWC-Mitsubishi MV Details: Item No.OEM CodeSize (mm)Application (details)MX055C971G51 DEB6700      6DDWC- Mitsubishi

  • X058D685H01 D328000 Mitsubishi MV EDM Packing B Seal Plate X058D685H02
    $  0.00 $  62.7

    X058D685H01 D328000 EDM MV Mitsubishi Packing B Seal Plate  X055C971G51 DEB6700 EDM Mitsubishi Packing A (ASSEMBLED)X058D685H01 D328000 EDM Mitsubishi Packing B seal plate   Original Code : X058D685H01 D328000Machine Model:DWC-Mitsubishi MV Details: Item No.OEM CodeSize (mm)Application (details)MX058D685H01 D328000     L=1630MM  DWC- Mitsubishi

  • S684D851P56 DA67900, DA679A059 Mitsubishi EDM spare parts Bellow Bellow Other
    $  0.00 $  128.3

    S684D851P56 Bellow  Other OEM numbers: S684D851P56, DA67900, DA679A059 Original Code : S684D851P56, DA67900, DA679A059 S684D851P56 Machine Model:DWC- FX MV Details: Item No.OEM CodeSize (mm)Application (details)MS684D851P56, DA67900, DA679A059                 /DWC- FX   Tag:mitsubishi spare parts,mitsubishi replacement partsContact

  • X260D821N51 X256C476N51 MV Wire Guide Opener For Mitsubishi EDM
    $  0.00 $  56.3

    MV Wire Guide Opener For Mitsubishi EDM Replacement Parts Opener Wire guide openerSize:Original Code :Machine Model: For Wire Guide M115/M116 Details: Item No.OEM CodeSize (mm)Application (details)M145X260D821N51  X256C476N51/For Wire Guide M132/M133 Our main products : EDM Consumables, Accessories (EDM Spare Parts ) for Lower speed wire cut edm machine , such as EDM Diamond Wire Guide , Power Feed Contact ( carbide ), Flushing Nozzles, Rollers, Belt ,Dicharge cable ... for Mitsubishi, Sodick , Charmilles, Fanuc , Makino , Hitachi etc .EDM Spare Parts for

  • BA8 Mitsubishi Lower Die Guide Holder DBP6600 X253C989H01 X253C989H02/H01
    $  0.00 $  182

    DBP6600 BA8 Lower EDM Die Guide Holder For Mitsubishi EDM Wire Cut Machine Lower EDM Die Guide HolderMaterial: Stainless / BrassOriginal Code :   DBP6600  X255C335H01 X253C989H02  X253C989H01Machine Model: DWC-BA8 Feature of Mistubishi EDM Die Guide Holder 1. Using high quality raw materials of Brass2. Produce by exprienced technician and engineers with Sophisticated machine equipment3. High precision, tolerance +-0.02mm4. Long lifetime , easy to assembly5. Competitive price , and large quantity EDM Die Guide Holder in stock6. Many difference EDM

  • X191A801G52 Mitsubishi EDM Upper Block Die Guide Holder
    $  0.00 $  288

    X191A801G52 MV Mitsubishi EDM Upper Block Die Guide Holder Power Feed Holde  Size: 66*63*67Original Code :  X191A801G52 2210003468 + X267C475H01 X256C475H01Machine Model: MV1200,MV2400 Details: Item No.OEM CodeSize (mm)Application (details)MVX191A801G52 221000346866*63*67MV1200,MV2400 Photo show: 86+13168976973 (Tel+Wechat)86+13650082058 (Tel+Wechat)SKYPE:Tracylue886Email: cncedmconsumables@foxmail.comEmail: tracyluck@foxmail.comWed: www.cncedmconsumables.comWed: www.edm-spareparts.com

  • DCR4600Mitsubishi EDM Parts Carbides Power Feed Contact X088D493H02 X089D256H01
    $  0.00 $  9.23

    M011 Mitsubishi MV BA NA Series EDM Tungsten Carbides 34.051.018 / DCR4600 / X088D493H02 Upper and Lower EDM Power Feed Contact POWER FEEDERSize: 5x18x38mm; 5.2x18x41.5mmOriginal Code : X088D493H02 , X089D256H01, X088D439H01 DBC5100Machine Model: Mitsubishi DWC-MV1200/MV1400;NA; BA series X088D439H01, X088D493H01,X088D493H02 (DCR46A) 5x18x38mm  Mitsubishi Contact BA NAX089D256H01 (DEG23A) X089D256H02 (DEU4200) DEG2300  DEG23A 259320  5.2x18x41.5mm Mitsubishi Contact MV Details: Item No.OEM CodeSize (mm)Application

  • M923 X053C829G54 X053C920G51A Mitsubishi cable Aspirator With Cable DD96100
    $  0.00 $  58.7

    DD96100 X053C920G51A X053C829G54 Wire EDM Spare Parts aspirator with cable Lower Apirator With Cable / DetectorOriginal Code : X053C920G51;  X053C829G54 , X053C920G51AMachine Model: DWC-HA,SZ,SB,SZ,SX,CX,FXQA,RA,FA(AF,AF3,AT) Details: ITEMDESCRIPTIONSPECIFICATIONOEM CodeM923Apirator With CableLower DetectorHA,SZ,SB,SZ,SX,CX,FXQA,RA,FA(AF,AF3,AT)X053C920G51X053C829G54  X053C920G51A86+13168976973 (Tel+Wechat)86+13650082058 (Tel+Wechat)SKYPE:Tracylue886Email: cncedmconsumables@foxmail.comEmail: tracyluck@foxmail.comWed:

  • X256C312H01 DEY5200 DEY52A Lower Guide Holder 2210003463 For Mitsubishi EDM 25*18
    $  0.00 $  33.5

    X256C312H01 2210003463 Lower Guide Holder MV Mitsubishi EDM Parts  Original Code : X256C312H01 DEY5200 DEY52A 2210003463Machine Model: DWC-MV Details : ITEMSize(mm)SPECIFICATIONOEM CodeMV DWC-MV  86+13168976973 (Tel+Wechat)86+13650082058 (Tel+Wechat)SKYPE:Tracylue886Email: cncedmconsumables@foxmail.comEmail: tracyluck@foxmail.comWed: www.cncedmconsumables.comWed: www.edm-spareparts.com

  • M922 EDM Lower Aspirator Brass Mitsubishi EDM Consumables Parts X198D838H01
    $  0.00 $  49.5

    Detailed Product Description                 Model No.:M922 Key Word:Aspirator Material:Brass Fitting For:DWC-H1,HA,C Original Code:X198D838H01 Position:Lower Stock:Available Delivery:By Air   Mitsubishi EDM Spare Parts M922 Lower EDM Brass Aspirator  Item No. OEM Code Application (details) M922 X198D838H01 Lower Aspiratior DWC-H1,HA,C High precision,customized made items is available !   86+13168976973 (Tel+Wechat)86+13650082058 (Tel+Wechat)SKYPE:Tracylue8

  • M914 EDM Lower Rectifier Ring Mitsubishi EDM Consumables Parts X194D998H02
    $  0.00 $  27.5

    Detailed Product Description                 Model No.:M914 Key Word:Rectifier Ring Material:Brass Fitting For:DWC-H,HA,H1,FX,SZ,C,SB,SA,SX,CX, FX,for M459B Original Code:X194D998H02 X198D619H02 Position:Lower Stock:Available Delivery:By Air   Mitsubishi EDM Spare Parts M914 Lower EDM Brass Rectifier Ring  Item No. OEM Code Application (details) M914 X194D998H02 X198D619H02 Lower Rectifier Ring DWC-H,HA,H1,FX,SZ,C,SB,SA,SX,CX, FX,for M459B High precision,customized

  • MV454 Upper Die Wire Guide Holder Mitsubishi MV Series 22.5*25*45 X197B296H02
    $  0.00 $  129

    MV454 Upper Die Wire Guide Holder Mitsubishi EDM Spare Parts MV Series Upper Die Guide HolderSize: 22.5*25*45Original Code :X197B296H02  2210003467Machine Model: DWC-MV Details: Item No.OEM CodeSize (mm)Application (details)MV454X197B296H02 221000346722.5*25*45DWC-MV86+13650082058  (Tel+Wechat)SKYPE:Tracylue886Email: cncedmconsumables@foxmail.comEmail:tracyluck@foxmail.com

  • Mitsubishi Z138 EDM Brush For Motor TS3462-NIE76 EDM Consumables
    $  0.00 $  19.9

    Detailed Product Description             Name:Mitsubishi Brush Material:Metal Code:XBRCR-TS346N Model:Mitsubishi DWC-SX Color:Black Stock:Available  Mitsubishi Wire Cutting EDM Parts Z138 Brush For Motor  Item No. OEM Code Size Application (details) Z138 XBRCR-TS346N  Brush For Motor TS3462-NIE76 DWC-SX86+13168976973 (Tel+Wechat)86+13650082058 (Tel+Wechat)SKYPE:Tracylue886Email: cncedmconsumables@foxmail.comEmail: tracyluck@foxmail.comWed: www.cncedmconsumables.comWed:

  • Mitsubishi Z137 EDM Brush For Motor L8 S30406-2D-02 EDM Consumables
    $  0.00 $  19.9

    Detailed Product Description             Name:Mitsubishi Brush Material:Metal Code:S30406-2D-02 Model:Mitsubishi DWC-FX Length:8mm Stock:Available  Mitsubishi Wire Cutting EDM Parts Z137 Brush For Motor  Item No. OEM Code Size Application (details) Z137 S30406-2D-02 8L  Brush For Motor DWC-FX86+13168976973 (Tel+Wechat)86+13650082058 (Tel+Wechat)SKYPE:Tracylue886Email: cncedmconsumables@foxmail.comEmail: tracyluck@foxmail.comWed: www.cncedmconsumables.comWed: www.edm-spareparts.com

  • Mitsubishi Z140 EDM Flow Meter Upper S80ID824POI WEDM Consumables
    $  0.00 $  48.6

    Detailed Product Description             Name:Flow Meter Material:Plastic Code:S80ID824POI Model:All EDM Wire Cut Machine Position:Upper Stock:Available  Mitsubishi Wire Cutting EDM Parts Z149 Flow Meter  Item No. OEM Code Size Application (details) Z140 S80ID82POI /  Sodick / Fanuc Mitsubishi EDM Wire Cut Machines86+13168976973 (Tel+Wechat)86+13650082058 (Tel+Wechat)SKYPE:Tracylue886Email: cncedmconsumables@foxmail.comEmail: tracyluck@foxmail.comWed: www.cncedmconsumables.comWed: www.edm-spareparts.com

  • X058D376H01 Mitsubishi Wire EDM Parts M501-1 Fixed Blade Cutter X268D912H01
    $  0.00 $  56.45

    DA83800 X058D376H01 Mitsubishi EDM Machine Parts M501-1 Fixed Blade Cutter Original Code :X058D376H01,X058D370H01, X268D912H01,X268D912H02,X058D370H01.Machine Model: DWC-CX,FA,FX,FX-K,PA SeriesFixed Blade for M501 Cutter For use on:Mitsubishi BA24, Mitsubishi BA8, Mitsubishi CX10, Mitsubishi CX20,Mitsubishi FA10, Mitsubishi FA10-P, Mitsubishi FA10-V, Mitsubishi FA10-VS,Mitsubishi FA20, Mitsubishi FA20-P, Mitsubishi FA20-V, Mitsubishi FA20-VS,Mitsubishi FA30-P, Mitsubishi FA30-V, Mitsubishi FX10, Mitsubishi FX10-K,Mitsubishi FX20, Mitsubishi FX20-K, Mitsubishi FX30

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